Hidden Hearts Series
Flirting Fillies

4ft x 4ft


Best in show beauty queen
Sasses off to a broken dream
Flirting lashes and sarsaparilla lips
Seductive walk with gun-slinger hips

Orange glow as the heat wave rises
Rosettes handed out for misplaced prizes
Dare you to follow the carrot and the feather
Dust kicking boots made of real leather

Bare-back rides take us away
Galloping dreams of long gone astray
Wait too long, I will be gone
Singing another cow girl song

Of tequila heart breaks and buffalo steaks
Front porch swings and rhinestone rings
I dare you to follow my Stetson trail
Across the Nevada, inhibitions exhale

My holster is loaded ready to kill
Your deepest desires, your every thrill
Satin and lace, a lover’s embrace
These boots so fancy, I dare you to chase

Kicking up dust in each dead little town
Where bars are propped up by a rodeo clown
Will you throw the dice and take a chance
Or stay in your world of the two-step dance?

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